5-Year Extended Limited Warranty

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The LoJack Extended Limited Warranty extends the protection of your vehicle investment by adding up to five years to the manufacturer’s limited warranty on your LoJack System.*

With the LoJack Extended Limited Warranty, you will get up to five years of coverage for the following:

Defective parts and labor coverage for your LoJack System

LoJack’s 24-hour stolen vehicle recovery or your money back policy (limited to MSRP for thefts in coverage area)*

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*For more details on the LoJack Extended Limited Warranty, call 1-800-4-LoJack. LoJack® unit activation is contingent upon the vehicle being located within LoJack’s coverage area that spans counties across 29 states throughout the United States. See lojack.com/coverage or call 1-800-4-LoJack.